Hi there ! My name is Clark Winkelmann and I’m a webdesigner freelancer.

I will keep this short. I will use this blog to share my experiences with open-source software as well as share insights about projects I’m working on.

Why ? I’ve been contributing to the open-source community for some time already, but generally don’t share all the knowledge I gained while working on a project. I merely share the code (and sometimes the doc) without going further.

This was a way to get things done quicker so I could work on something else. Now that I do more serious stuff and that I’m more confident in doing things sort of right, it’s time to share more !

Let’s keep this simple, with a list. Things-I-often-face-and-others-will-too:

  • Trouble setting up dev environment
  • Getting the minimum required knowledge of a software to fix things like URLs or typos
  • Old and great software whose installation documentation is just totally outdated Anybody still on Ubuntu 8.04 ?

In the end, I find a way to work around and make things work. But this knowledge is lost. It would be much more useful if I put it online so others can find it.

What to expect on this blog

  • Open-source related things
  • Web development stuff
  • Linux & Ubuntu stuff
  • Command line stuff
  • Installation of web applications in the cloud
  • How-to’s about old projects that are still great

I’ve seen that all devs have a “goto” language to try out logic and quickly connect things between them. Mine is PHP. Expect to see a lot of PHP here =)

Immediate projects: I will start by retroactively talking about important projects I’ve developed. My biggest projects can be found at https://clarkwinkelmann.com/ (French) and https://github.com/clarkwinkelmann, but they lack a proper description from a programmer point of view.

A last few things about me

I live in Switzerland and my native language is French. Most articles here will be written in English. If I write something in French I’ll try to provide the English translation as well.

Note that I may share progress about projects that use the French language. When I work with other people in my area I may comment the code in French. Otherwise, all my code is named and commented in English.

I’m open to all suggestions about this blog. Feel free to contact me on Twitter @clarkwinkelmann or by email at [email protected]

If like me you want things fixed quickly (horrible typos or non-https-but-compatible links for example) you are welcome to send me PRs on the GitHub repo of the blog.